Bachelor of Computer Applications Project Synopsis : -

Master of Computer Applications Project Synopsis : -

This project work is kept in MCA, BCA program to give you opportunity to develop quality software solution. During the development of the project you should involve in all the stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) like requirements analysis, systems design, software development/coding, testing and documentation, with an overall emphasis on the development of reliable software systems. The primary emphasis of the project work is to understand and gain the knowledge of the principles of software engineering practices, and develops good understanding of SDLC.

Students should take this project work very seriously. and project should be taken as an opportunity to develop software, which gives exposure to SDLC.Topics selected, should be complex and large enough to justify as a BCA project. The project should be genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else. If found copied, the project report will be forwarded to the Exam Discipline Committee of the University as an Unfair means case for necessary action. Students should strictly follow and adhere to the CS-76 project guidelines, MCSP-060 project guidelines, BCSP-064 project guidelines, MCS044 project guidelines.

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